Nature Trails

Barsu- Dayara Trail

The trail starts from Barsu Village of Bhatwari block, which serves as the base camp for trekkers going to Dayara alpine area. The 8 km trail maintained by the Forest department, takes you through a mixed dense forest of Deodar, Burans and wild Walnut trees. At a 4 Km trek, one can reach Barnala Tala, a sacred lake in the area where Nag Devta temple is situated. The trail is a paradise for Bird and Butterfly watchers along with Moths, some wildlife, and rich plant diversity.

Sukki- Kandara Trail

When it comes to hiking, this track, which departs from Sukki Top Village, is moderate. Two days are sufficient to complete the 7 kilometre trek. After completing the trek, visitors may view a stunning alpine meadow rich in medicinal plants and exciting cliff animals. In some instances, the traveller may observe a black bear, a leopard, or a snow leopard. The route passes via the fields in the local villages, capturing the authentic spirit of rural life and Himalayan agriculture. Stunning woodlands full of different bird and butterfly species, as well as other Himalayan wildlife, may be found at the end of the agricultural field. Tourists can view back bears, Himalayan Tahar, and other natural wildlife here.

Harshil-Syangarh Trail

The historical Bagori village is traversed on this easy-to-follow trail. The village where the Jat Bhotia community of Nelong and Jadong now resides was previously the winter home of these traders. The walk follows the lovely Bhagirathi River. The 2.5 km-long walk offers views of the Bhagirathi River, Jalandari Gad, and a gorgeous environment with crystal blue waters. Bird and butterfly species are abundant throughout the trail. The famed Ibis Bill couple can frequently be seen near the Ganga River by attentive bird observers.

Darali-Sattal Trail

The trail is 3 km long that takes you through beautiful apple orchards. The apple orchards on both sides of the trail with moderate trek difficulty pass through beautiful and dense deodar forest with various birds and butterfly species. The trek can be completed in a day and camping is allowed at the Sattal area. The Sattal area is the last destination of the trek where tourists can see four small lakes that are sacred to the village community.

Gartangali Trail

Gartang Gali is one of the most thrilling and exciting treks in Uttarakhand's Uttarkashi district. The trek was opened to visitors and tourists in 2021 after 59 years. Located in the picturesque Nelong Valley near the Indo- China border, the 150-year old Gartang Gali is a 136-m-long wood-lined stairway that is said to be built by Peshawari Pathans, who created an architectural masterpiece by cutting the granite of a vertical rock face. This route was traditionally used by merchants trading between India and Tibet. It was damaged over the years as it was unsed following the Indo-China war in 1962.