An ancient, pristine meadows in Gangotri Landscape

The Remotest and Prettiest of All  Meadow Treks, one of the largest high altitude meadows.


Gidara bugyal is a moderate-level trek and is one of the remotest and the prettiest of all meadow treks in Uttarakhand, India. Gidara Bugyal is an ancient, pristine meadow that is very popular in trekking circles. It is larger than its twin Dayara Bugyal. In winters, this place offers you breathtaking Himalayan views of the snow-covered ski slopes in Uttarakhand over an area of 28 sq. kms. It is believed to be larger than the twin meadows of Auli and Bedni Bugyal and can take at least two days to traverse. The bugyal has a great expanse of lush green meadows and Himalayan peaks such as Bandarpunch, Gangotri that can be seen clearly from here.

It is quiet and serene and is extremely secluded from the city’s chaos that witnesses fewer but true nature lovers trekking in these meadows. Gidara Bugyal is a less travelled trek due to its altitude and difficulty. The only signs of civilisation you may spot are the shepherds and their settlements around the first campsite at Rikoda. Geographically, Gidara is about 15 km away from Dayara. As it is at a higher elevation, therefore, it offers a grandeur view of the – Bandarpoonch, Gangotri I & III, Draupadi Ka Danda, Jaonli, and Srikanth mountains. The Gidara Bugyal trek has treacherous paths, steep ascents, and descents. So prepare yourself well to witness nature in its full beauty here!

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Kandara Bugyal is a lesser-known bugyal, accessible from Uttarakashi by just a short, crisp trek of 5kms that pays off magnificent rewards. Kandara Bugyal is a perfect trek for beginners, it can even be considered as a pre-trek to get used to the rigours of high-altitude trekking. Almost like an appetizer.

The breathtaking alpine meadow of Kandara Bugyal reigns atop a staggering 12,000 ft., against a stunning canvas of lofty Himalayan Neighbours like Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Shrikhand Mahadev, Srikanth peak and Gangotri peaks. This trek is marked by a rich carpet of wildflowers, dense fields of herbs, expansive grasslands, alpine lakes and trickling streams that lull the senses with a sylvan symphony. Along the entire stretch, at Richa top, tourist can catch 360˚ panoramic view of the Gangotri set of peaks, Banderpoonch, Srikanth peak, Kalanaag,Sumerudarshan peak, Avanabugyal and Songard. The summer meadows are infused on this stretch with a spray of wildflowers, yellow, white and blue flowers line meadows in the summer, which adds to the beauty of the trails and also spot Medicinal species.

The temperature in Spring remains between 15˚ to 20˚ C in the daytime and around 1˚ to 5˚C at night. While in summer the temperature can go as high as 25˚ and low as 7˚ to 10˚ C at night. On all of this paradisiacal effervescence, the snow-thatched Bandarpoonh will cast an iridescent impression.

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Dobda Bugyal trek is very special in many ways, besides being one of the moderate treks, it is unexplored and untouched which offers you a magnificent and breathtaking view of the snow-clad peaks from the Dobda Top. Dobda Bugiyal is located in Bhatwari Tehsil, Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. One can reach this lavish green high-altitude meadow by trekking on a mountain trail of 14 km. The trek is graded as easy to moderate. Situated at a rise of 5000 mts above sea level, it is a perfect trek for an adventure enthusiast and nature lover. The trek tests your endurance, stamina, and walking skills. If you are fond of adventure and are a nature lover, you cannot miss the charm of walking through the beautiful, dense, virgin Thuner and Deodar forests on your way to Dobda Bugiyal .

During winters due to heavy snowfall, the trek remains closed while in summers, the forest smells sweet, and comforting and welcomes trekkers.

As the entire trek goes through meadows and forests, you are lucky to be accompanied by the chirping of birds and exotic wildlife around. In several regions, you can spot the rarest of birds and wildlife.

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