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Award received from Honb’le Chief
Minister of Uttarakhand during
Wildlife Week 2022
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Award received by Bhotia Dann
society during GI Expo
India 2022
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Handcrafted-Weaved with love Introducing Budera’s sustainable
handicraft crafted by the local artisans.
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Handicrafts & Handloom Weaved with love, bringing to you magnificent craftsmanship with a blend of both simplicity and elegance. BUY NOW Locals reviving the traditional weaving industry in the Himalayas Traditional art of weaving Explore Now

Introducing Budera Crafts from High Altitude Himalaya

Weaving has been an important tradition and subsistence activity for people living in high altitudes of the Himalayan region. In Uttarakhand, weaving has been the essence of livelihood for many communities, providing the pastoralists and weavers with a prime source of  income.

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Experience our classic handicrafts inspired by our folklore and generational experiences, wrapped in our traditional weaves. The serene Himalayan climate of Uttarakhand and local organic sheep rearing practices have contributed to the sustainable development of the handicraft industry in the region. The weavers are mostly rural women from hill tribes who produce beautiful hand-woven products using traditional tools and techniques. Our community has been successful in keeping alive age-old craft techniques and methods.

Authentic Handloom & Crafts from Uttarkashi

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Introducing A New Softtoys Animal Collection From Our Ecosystems

We are expanding our products range by introducing a new collection of soft animal toys made by skilled Co-operatives women artisans using natural fibre and loom.

Negligible Carbon Footprint & Sustainable Materials

Our products are produced through traditional artforms by local artisans using sustainable materials, resulting in a minimal carbon footprint. Purchasing our products not only supports small sustainable businesses, but also helps our reduce our consumers’ carbon footprints!